Reduce the stress of the divorce process.

Divorce is an incredibly stressful and expensive time in a person’s life. If you own a home, have retirement or other investments, are self-employed, have children, or are concerned that your spouse may be trying to hide assets, give us a call for a free consultation to see if we can help you save on attorney fees/court costs, act as an expert witness in court, calculate and negotiate reasonable child support payments, budget for life after divorce, and most importantly, ensure that your marital estate is reasonably valued with everything included before you negotiate the division. You may be surprised by how many details can be missed in this process without a professional’s help!

Reduce attorney fees/court costs

In most cases, having an outside party compile the marital estate and collaborate with the divorcing parties to come to a fair division of assets and debts results in significant cost savings in attorney fees and court costs. Divorces that go to trial are very expensive (both financially and emotionally), and couples often end up spending most of the marital estate on the divorce itself when that money can be used to benefit the spouses and their children. We can offer a more independent opinion to take some of the emotion out of the divorce negotiations and help you avoid as much unnecessary legal and court cost as possible and get on with your new life sooner and with less financial burden.

Marital estate compilation, valuation, and suggested division

Getting divorced can be overwhelming, and for many, the idea of completing the estate inventory for the attorneys is a task people would put behind a root canal in order of desirability. Even the most organized, competent people can benefit from a professional looking over the marital estate and offering feedback on the valuation of the items included. We’ve got CPAs, Certified Fraud Examiners, bookkeepers, and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst on staff to offer our expertise to make sure the property division is as fair as possible to all parties involved. Just a few of many important common considerations include the following:

  • If you take all or a portion of a retirement investment and need to cash it out after the divorce is final, there may be a tax penalty associated with the withdrawal that you would not incur if you took a different asset from the marital estate instead.

  • Rental properties can either be kept to continue earning income (which has a value to the estate) or sold; if you take such an asset in a divorce, the value included in the marital estate for that property may be different depending on what you plan to do with the properties.

  • Employee pension plans that have a future stream of income once the employee retires have a value today that can be calculated and the marital portion included in the estate.

  • When a spouse invests in a business or is self-employed, the business may be a marital asset that requires valuation to determine a reasonable amount for including in the marital estate.

We can help navigate the financial details so that clients make the best decisions for their new life. Not only can we help compile the marital estate and ensure its completeness, but we can also recommend options for division of property to use in negotiations.

Budget for the future

We love to help our clients feel confident that they can make it on their own in their new life after divorce. One way we can do that is to help put together a budget that shows expected monthly income and expenses and make recommendations for ways to make ends meet.

Expert witness

Although we do our best to help ensure a fair settlement without going to trial, sometimes, it is a necessary event. In that case, we can testify as an expert witness for our clients and their attorneys. We can perform tracings of assets and also assist attorneys in the discovery process by recommending the specific documents to request from the opposing counsel to ensure the marital estate is complete and no assets are hidden.

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