Our Core Values

Our mission is to provide professional accounting solutions for the protection of the public interest and to enhance the quality of life for all parties. Our core values guide how we provide our services:


For all, including our clients, employees and community


Utilizing critical thinking constantly to perform our services, timely, efficiently and effectively


Understanding and exceeding expectations, and providing excellence in our client service and public service


Ensuring thorough level of preparation, thoughtful messaging and reporting while always upholding the standards of our profession (ethics, integrity and objectivity)



Maintaining focus on the big picture and adapting as necessary



About You

For you, numbers have never been boring. They speak to you, and you respond in the same language. Maybe it started in your first accounting class, when everyone else was scratching their heads and you were seeing the light. Maybe it started earlier, with 2 + 2. But it’s always been there, this passion for numbers, this reverence for a perfectly aligned balance sheet, this near-obsession with finding an elegant solution to a seemingly unsolvable problem. While that passion is critical, we also look for balance, for people who work to live rather than live to work.  

About Us

We are a growing CPA firm in one of the best places on earth: Austin, Texas. In addition to holding ourselves to the highest standards for quality, service and efficiency, we have actually achieved that elusive work-life balance that many firms talk about but few achieve.

The majority of our audit/attestation practice work revolves around examinations, agreed upon procedures, performance audits, outsourced internal audit and SOX compliance. Most projects are larger than a typical financial statement audit and will usually involve both financial and operational components. If you enjoy auditing, but not the grind that typically attends working for a traditional/larger firm (long hours, constantly trying to wrap up one audit when you have already moved on to the next audit, etc.), we think you’ll find our firm a great change of pace.


Our current benefit package includes, but is not limited to:

  • Health, Dental and Vision Insurance (multiple options to choose from with limited cost to employee)

  • Short-term and Long-term Disability Insurance (no cost to employee)

  • 10 Paid Holidays

  • 10 Paid Time Off days per year (increases over time)

  • “Comp” time for each hour of overtime worked which can be used as additional paid time off

  • Flexible/telework options after 90 days with the Firm

  • 401(k) Defined Contribution plan with Firm-matching contributions (vest immediately)

  • Bonus paid for obtaining CPA license within your first three years with the Firm

Our Office, Our Culture

We offer a small office culture with a family atmosphere. Because we’ve found efficient and effective ways to perform most of our engagements from our own office, you’ll collaborate with all our experienced team members rather than just one or two in the field.

We’re always looking for ways to work smarter rather than longer. There is no traditional busy-season for our audit practice, and minimal travel. If you have experience with a firm where billable hours is all that matters, you’ll find DK Partners to be drastically, refreshingly different.  

Job Openings

Care to join us? Check out our profile and openings posted on Indeed.  

At DK Partners, we pride ourselves in our diverse backgrounds with alumni from the following universities:

We are a proud sponsor of the CASA Superhero Run, the Central Texas Food Bank and Habitat for Humanity